Video & Report

This is perfect Mystery shopper report any business could ask for not only do you get a written report to review, but get to experience what your customer sees though our hidden camera we have in place on our mystery shopper at the time of there visit.

As you know a video is what you want to see and deserve to view as it is your business and you need to know if your customers are getting the customer service you have put in place for them to want return.

video mystery shopping captures the entire customer experience from start to finish, completely undetected,our hidden camera captures facial expressions, attitudes and processes.

You let us know of key items you would like our mystery shopper to address

  1. Visit a set area in your business
  2. Ask a staff member a question on a product or service to review business knowledge they have and the input they offer.
  3. Get to view the over all experience a customer has from the time they walk in to what customer service was offered.
  4. Other custom key items can be added to your Mystery shopper visit, as we work with you to get the results you require.

All quotes are custom built on the information you give us to what you would like the mystery shopper to cover in your business.

Feel free to contact us for any further information you may require

You cant get a better mystery shopper report than this.

Confirm your mystery shopper visit

Email us with your contact details and the mystery shopper service you require along with any other key points you would like us to report on.

Once we have received your order we will email you the details for you to confirm your mystery shopper visit.

We will confirm by email receipt of your full payment and the time frame your mystery shopper visit will take place.

You will be contacted once your mystery shopper visit has taken place and be sent the link for you to view the mystery shopper video or report completed on your business.