Mystery Shopper

Don't Just Read About The Mystery Shopper's Experience, See It !!

At NZ Mystery Shopper our hidden camera captures a considerable amount of information and takes compliance assessment beyond the score numbers. Not only does it confirm if your business customer service standard was met, but it shows to what degree compliance was met.

Starting with the exterior appearance and interior ambiance of the location, the associates appearance, how they greeted the customer, their level of enthusiasm, how they answered the customer's questions, product knowledge and more. With the use of a covert camera, there is never any doubt if the employee was properly identified and what the customer experienced during their visit.

What does a Mystery Shopper do?
Mystery Shoppers visit specific stores and businesses anonymously for the purpose of observing and reporting on the quality of customer service delivered. The answers submitted by our mystery shoppers enable clients to make employment decisions, reward staff for excellent performance, or help staff who perform poorly.